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Key terms of the Quran explained in a concise manner.

Tazkiya (تزکیہ)

The word TAZKIYA [when applied to NAFS] has the following meanings: -Increase and augmentation [in goodness and righteousness] -Growth and development [in goodness and righteousness] -Personal development -Development of self [i.e. NAFS] -Self-actualization TAZKIYA is different from TAHAARAT, which is -Freedom from dirt, dust or filth -Freedom from evil or sins -Distance or remoteness from evil or sins TAHAARAT encompasses all the following […]

Hamd (حمد)

The word Hamd حمد has the following meanings/implications: 1. Praise, eulogy, commendation, admiration. حمد is different than مدح in that حمد is only of such acts as are volitional [see 3:188] and done by choice, and not are just accidental. For example, describing a pearl as clear and beautiful is not حمد but مدح because the beauty of a pearl is not because of the pearl’s will. The […]

Zikr or Dhikr (ذِکر)

The Quranic term ‘Zikr’ or ‘Dhikr’ has been used in the Quran in different meanings, including the following: 1.      REMEMBERANCE It includes: calling (something) to mind and keeping (something) in mind; being mindful of (something) and not neglect it; bearing (something) in mind and not forget it. أَلَا بِذِكْرِ اللَّهِ تَطْمَئِنُّ الْقُلُوبُ “Surely, peace and […]

Taqwa (تقوی)

The root of the term TAQWA (تقوی) is W-Q-Y (و- ق- ی). The first form (I) of the verb (وقی) has the following meanings: To guard (something/someone) To preserve (something/someone) To take good care (of something/someone) To take precautionary measure (to protect something) To safeguard, shield, preserve, shelter or protect (someone) from (something) The term […]

Jihad (جِھاد)

The Arabic word ‘Jihad’ or ‘jihaad(un)’ (also spelt as ‘Jihaad’) is a noun. The meanings of every Arabic noun depend mainly upon two factors: a)      What is the Arabic root of the noun word, and the signification or meaning of that root? b)     What is the form or measure (or baab, as they call it in Arabic) of that noun word? The […]

Islam (اِسلام)

Dictionary Meanings of the Term The verb form IV aslama (أَسْلَمَ) of the verbal noun is’lām (إِسْلَٰم) means: to submit[1]; to surrender[2]; to commit oneself (to an authority, system or a way of life); to resign; aslama lillahi (اَسلَمَ لِلّہِ) means to declare oneself committed to the Will of God[3]. The verbal noun is’lām (إِسْلَٰم) […]

Deen (دِین)

Dictionary Meanings of the Term The Arabic word ‘Deen’ has the following dictionary meanings: Obedience; a state of abasement and submissiveness; الدِّینُ لِلّہ  means ‘obedience to God’; a religion, implying obedience and submission to law; a particular law, statute or an ordinance; a system of usages, rites, ceremonies; custom or habit; a way, coarse, mode […]

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