Whatever the Creator of this universe wished to say to the man on earth was finally revealed in the holy Qur’an. Whatever laws were needed to be given for the enrichment and growth of human personality were communicated in their most perfect form through the Last Messenger of Allah, Muhammad (s.a.w.), in order that man attains his designated status in this universe.

Qur’an, we believe, is a challenge to intellectual confusions, solution to all problems, and basis of a stable, homogeneous and peaceful socio-politico-economic order. It has no contradictory ideas, leading to sectarianism or disunity. It is self-explanatory and its teachings are easy to understand provided it is approached without any mental reservations or pre-conceived ideas.

The Qur’an  is a unique book for all times and at all levels. The objective of the Qur’an and its method of explanation is that of educating the minds and changing human attitude towards life. Its aim is to bring about a revolution inside the man himself, for after all, the external material civilization is the expression of the internal spiritual condition of man himself. We are confident that if Qur’an is understood with reason and knowledge, and the principles laid down by the Qur’an itself, it promises definite results.

We acknowledge with full sincerity the scientific and cultural achievements of past generations but to say that they alone could understand the Qur’an and that the present and future generations must only blindly follow them is indeed a negative attitude as it reduces the Qur’an to historical and local level, while it claims to be universal and eternal.

The purpose of this site is to make an honest endeavor to understand and present the Quran without any prejudice or biasness to any particular school of thought.

We do not belong to any sect and shall not permit sectarianism to creep in. We will not indulge in futile discussions and waste time and energy on frivolous matters. As far as possible we will try to restrict ourselves to practical issues of our own age.

While reading this website, please keep in mind that you, “do not follow (blindly) any information of which you have no (direct) knowledge. (Using your faculties of perception and conception, you must verify it for yourself. (In the Court of your Lord,) you will be held accountable for your hearing, sight, and the faculty of reasoning.”[ Al-Quran Surah 17: Verse 36]

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