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Category: Quran and Politics

Criteria for People in Authority

The following criteria can be derived from the Quran for electing or appointing people in authority: (1) integrity (taqwa)[1], (2) honesty[2] & trustworthiness[3] (amanat), (3) knowledge (ilm)[4], (4) wisdom (hikma)[5], (5) sound judgement (hukman) [6], (6) decisiveness (fasl-al-khitab)[7], (7) safeguarding of national interests (hafeez)[8], (8) physical capacity (jism, quwat)[9], (9) good intelligence quotient (istimbat)[10]. People […]

Nationality and Citizenship

Nationality and citizenship are two legally distinct concepts in a number of countries. For example in Israel, there are Israeli citizens of diverse religions but Jewish nationality is distinct from Israeli citizenship[1]. The definitions and criteria of nationality and citizenship differ according to the laws of different countries. But wherever these concepts are distinct, nationality […]

Women’s Participation in the Government

The Quran puts absolutely no restrictions on the participation of women in the Islamic government. Some of the key tasks of the Islamic government mentioned in the Quran include establishment of the socio-economic system of salat and zakat, commanding/implementing what is lawful (al-ma’roof) and proscribing/preventing what is unlawful (al-munkar)[1] according to the Islamic Law. The […]

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