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Teachings of the Quran explained in simple and concise manner.


Integrity and Taqwa

Integrity means moral soundness, uprightness, rectitude and incorruptibility of character. It is all about doing what is right in all circumstances. The word “Integrity” comes from the Latin, “integritas” and “integra” meaning whole, undivided, unbroken, or complete. In the Quran, the word ‘taqwa’ has been used against the word ‘fujoor’ [91:8]. The latter comes from the […]

Self-Disintegration, Preservation and Development

According to the Holy Quran, human personality (self) has three possibilities: 1. Decay and disintegration: this is termed as ‘fujoor‘. 2. Integration and preservation: this is termed as ‘taqwa‘. 3. Growth and development: this is termed as ‘tazkiya‘.    The aim of life is to avoid decay and disintegration, and strive for integration, preservation, growth and development of […]

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