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Quran and Politics

Two-Nation Theory in the Light of the Quran

Two-nation theory was pivotal in laying the foundation of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.  This brief article looks into the Quranic basis for the two-nation theory. According to the Quran, the Creator of the mankind has divided human beings into two main categories. This categorization is based on their specific belief/value system instead of factors such […]

The Quran on Mutual Conflicts among the Muslims

Allah enjoins the believers to amicably reconcile their mutual differences and conflicts and forbids them from falling into disputes with one another, and warns them if they do not do so they will become weak as a community and their strength will be lost.   وَأَصْلِحُوا ذَاتَ بَيْنِكُمْ And reconcile your mutual differences. (Al-Quran Surah […]

Key Aspects of Justice

The following four key aspects of justice can be gleaned from the Quran: -Giving people their due rights without any loss or diminution or deficiency or defect [1][2]. -Putting things or people at their proper and rightful places and positions [3]. -Deciding affairs with impartiality, unbiasedness, equity, fairness and equal treatment without any inclination to anyone in preference […]

Bringing Change

The Holy Quran propounds an immutable law of change, i.e. “people or nations can’t have their state of affairs changed until they change their own psyche or mindset or paradigm”[1]. A long-lasting positive change in a society can only be brought about through appropriate education. Even when a revolution is indispensable, the step of appropriate […]

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