A Foolproof Formula to Combat Evil

A Foolproof Formula to Combat Evil

‘Goodness’ and ‘Evil’ can never be equal. Actions which create a balance and harmony in society and in one’s own life (الْحَسَنَةُ), cannot be like deeds which create disparity, disharmony or dissension (السَّيِّئَة)[1]. If evil or disorder has affected a society, the best way to get rid of it is through Goodness. Creating an economic balance and social harmony in the society is an effective way to combat evil and disorder[2]. The righteous works and good deeds (الْحَسَنَاتِ) can wipe out the evil works (السَّيِّئَاتِ)[3]. This strategy has the potential to transform severe enmity or hatred among people into a friendly relationship[4]. However to repel ‘Evil’ with ‘Goodness’ is a very challenging task and only those who can exercise patience, self-restraint, steadfastness and perseverance (صبر) can achieve it[5]. This quality is often difficult to attain because devilish people and emotions always try to instigate[6] dissension[7].

In order to get rid of the ‘Evil’ there might also be cases in which it becomes necessary to give punishments to those who commit ‘Evil’. While doing so, the punishment should commensurate with the offence committed and in no way should it be excessive. If on the other hand it is felt that the aggressor is resentful about what he has done, and it is believed that by forgiving him there is a possibility of him rehabilitating and reforming, then the committer of the ‘evil’ may be forgiven. It is due to this very attitude that the Divine Law produces better and positive results. Those, who obey the Divine Laws, do not under any circumstances commit zulm (ظُلم) or injustice on any one. In the eyes of this Law, zulm (ظُلم) and aggression are the most hateful[8].

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