Nationality and Citizenship

Nationality and Citizenship

Nationality and citizenship are two legally distinct concepts in a number of countries. For example in Israel, there are Israeli citizens of diverse religions but Jewish nationality is distinct from Israeli citizenship[1]. The definitions and criteria of nationality and citizenship differ according to the laws of different countries. But wherever these concepts are distinct, nationality and citizenship entail different rights and obligations for their holders. Muslim Nationality is not based on birth within a particular geographical area or on having a particular ethnicity, mother tongue, race, colour, descent or any such criteria wherein a human being has no choice. Muslim Nationality is based on belief in and adoption of the Islamic Ideology by free choice. In an Islamic Republic, people belonging to any religion, race, colour, descent or language can have full citizenship, abiding by the laws of the state. However, one can have Muslim Nationality only through wilful adoption of Islamic Belief System and Ideology. Consequently, the rights and obligations of Muslim Nationals and citizens will be different from the rights and obligations of non-Muslim citizens of the Islamic State. All non-Muslim citizens will have complete freedom to order their private lives according to their own religious beliefs and customs. However, in their public life, they shall have to abide by the laws of the State.

[1] accessed 9/12/2013

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    1. Sir, it is all because of Allah’s Grace, the Power and Profundity of His Great Book, and the motivation and feedback provided by your goodself and other sincere readers.

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