Sects and Parties

Sects and Parties

The Believers (in the Islamic Ideology) have been told categorically in the Quran that all of them are a single brotherhood[1]. They are enjoined to hold Allah’s rope (i.e. His Book) firmly all together and do not become divided into sects[2]. Dividing Ad-Deen into various sects is tantamount to associating partners with Allah which is unforgivable[3]. The believers have been warned in the Quran that if they divide themselves into sects, then Allah’s Prophet (s.a.w.) will have no concern whatsoever with them[4], and they will suffer from severe punishment[5].

The Islamic Political System does not allow any religious or political divisions or social classes within the Muslims. Differences of opinion may exist but based on the difference of opinion they are not allowed to form any sects or parties. The Quran makes mention of two main parties, i.e. Allah’s Party[6]  and the Satan’s party[7]. Within Allah’s Party, which comprises the believers, there are no sects and parties. During the life time of the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) there were no parties or sects among the Muslims, despite differences of opinions on several issues. Many so-called Muslims today have divided themselves into different social castes, religious sects and political parties in addition to ethnic, racial and linguistic divisions. Islam is a unity and true Muslims are nothing but a single brotherhood. They are supposed to be a unity because of their common ideology and belief system despite their diversity of ethnicity, race, colour or language.

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